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Import animated PNG (APNG) files into your XNA 3.1 game !
Author : Eviral (november 2010)

The APNG official website :
A nice tool to build APNG files :
With APNG Anime Maker you can build APNG animations with or without compression (lossy or lossless).

APNG files can be quite big even if there is only few changes between frames, that's why you can use lossy (compressed and only frame differences storage) mode.
Lossy files can be 10 times smaller than lossless files ! (In your game project properties, Content build tab, don't forget to check : Compress content pipeline output files, your xnb files will be much smaller)


My importer is based on the APNG Viewer by SprinterDave :

The Visual Studio 2008 solution contains :
- The Content Importer
- A wrapper to easily play APNG animations in your project
- A sample game with a lot of animations examples

Needs dot net framework 2.0, should compile with XNA 4.0 (you'll have to try)

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